What Results Can You Expect From Bathmate Hydromax?

I have personally made use of Bathmate Hydromax in the past few weeks and I think it’s time I let people know what to expect from this device.

Getting to know Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate Hydromax is a penis pump that makes use of water to increase the size of the penis. It is an improvement on the older version of Bathmate originals. They are known as hydro pumps because you need to use water in the shower or in the bath.

Expectations when using Bathmate Hydromax

The manufacturer of this product stated some things you should expect when you are making use of this product. Some of them are:

  • Increase in the length as well as in the girth of your penis
  • Improved and long lasting erections
  • Gains in your erect and flaccid gains
  • Immediate result from the first day of use
  • 100% safe with no side effects

How does Bathmate Hydromax increase the size of the penis?

It is important to state that the penis has 3 major chambers. The 2 large chambers that are located on top are referred to as the corpra cavesona. The other chamber located at the bottom is known as the urethra.

The urethra is responsible for ejaculation and urinating. The top 2 chambers get filled with blood when you are turned on. This results in you having an erection.

My 30 days results of using Bathmate Hyrdromax

This penis pump was delivered to me exactly 32 days ago and after 2 days, I started making use of the device. After using it for the last 30 days, I want to share my experience using it.

The first thing I have to say about Bathmate Hydromax is that you get to see results very fast. I mean, this is not like other products that you have to wait for months before you can get results.

I was a little skeptical at first when I read of what people had to say about this device. To me, I thought that after pumping, you will get your penis really pumped up which should last you for nothing more than 30 minutes.

I was really happy to see that my erection lasted a little over 4 hours after spending 20 minutes in the bath pumping my penis. But that was not even what amazed me. Guess what took my breath away?

The size of my penis BLEW my mind away!

I never in my life thought I could even have my penis that big after putting in only few minutes into pumping it. My penis was not only big, but my erection was rock-hard.

In fact, my penis was big to the extent that I was scared making love to my wife the first day I pumped it. I had to gather courage and told her of my experience later in the day when she got back from work.

She was so excited and said we should try. Then very early the next day, we both got up and I pumped with my Bathmate Hydromax. She was also blown away when she saw the size of my dick.

We got into the act and for the first time since we started dating, I lasted longer and had an intense orgasm. She too was not left out of the pleasure.

So, I can only say that I have nothing but praise for this device ever since I started making use of it.

How to use

Pros of using Bathmate Hydromax from personal experience

  • Increase in penis length as well as girth
  • Harder Erections
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Money back guarantee
  • Better sex and orgasm
  • Fast and immediate results

Cons of Hydromax

  • Short term results
  • Must be used in the bath with water
  • Expensive

My final take on this device is that it is worth every dollar spent on it. You surely will not regret getting Bathmate Hydromax. Give it a try today!


Ten most common causes to avoid exercise!

Here are 10 very common problems which keep people from exercising regularly. Do they look familiar? The author faced all of problems, and more. Perhaps you have encountered a few of these fitness roadblocks also. Here’s a way to get around them and so that you can move forward towards fitness.
1) I don’t have time to go to a gym.

2) Exercising is boring.

3) I don’t own any exercise equipment (or can’t afford any).

4) I don’t have room to exercise.

5) I can’t follow what someone else is doing — I get lost.

6) I hate wasting all that time warming up and cooling down.

7) I haven’t gotten results when I exercised in the past.

8) I tried to exercise and ended up hurting myself.

9) There are lots of exercises that I can’t do (because of a bad neck, trick knee, etc.).

10) I’m way too pooped to exercise.

Okay, we’ve listed the problems. Now, let’s talk about how you can get rid of the problem and make 2008 the year that you become fit and strong!

The Back to Basics DVD by fitness guru Jack LaLanne (remember him?) can give you solutions to all ten of the problems listed above. The DVD can be obtained from Mr. LaLanne’s website. Do a Google search using his name and his website should pop right up. Another angle is to check Amazon and/or eBay for a used copy. This is not an inexpensive DVD, however its uses are broad and long. You can do some of these exercises while sitting in your chair at work. Do you put in long hours in front of a computer? Do your back, neck and shoulders become stiff and sore? Then this DVD is for you!

You can do these exercises in your hotel room with only a chair and a towel, yet receive a tremendous work out, regardless of your degree of fitness. Of course, these also work well in the privacy of one’s own bedroom, den or living room.

How does the DVD solve all ten of these problems? Let’s take them one by one:

1) I really don’t have the time to go to a gym
Can you find 8 minutes a day? If so, in the course of a week, you can effectively exercise and stretch all 640 muscles of the body in that small amount of time. Those who are in good shape might spend as long as 15 minutes to a half hour at the most. But if you’re reading this, you are probably in the 8 minute a day category. If you can carve out 8 minutes a day, four times a week, you start to become fit.

2) Exercising is boring
This DVD moves very quickly and you will not find yourself watching Jack perform endless repetitions. You jump from one set of exercises to the next fairly quickly. No lingering here! You may want to stop the DVD and do a few more sets of an exercise to tone up a problem area, then push the ‘play’ button again to go on with the DVD.

3) I don’t own any exercise equipment (or can’t afford any)
Do you own a chair and a hand towel? Because that’s all you need. Jack shows you how to use the chair, the towel, and your own body to create as much force as you want. While one part of your body is working, the other is impeding the work-out, which works two parts of your body at once. And you’d like to get good results as quickly as possible, right?

4) I don’t have the room to do an exercise routine
This DVD utilizes only a little more room than the chair takes up. In fact, the upper body workout is done primarily sitting in the chair! If you have a television and DVD player in your bedroom, chances are you can do both the upper and lower body workouts there.

5) I can’t follow what someone else is doing – I get lost
Relax, this DVD is simple, and easy to follow, even if you have two left feet and two right thumbs! It’s easy, effective, fast, simple, yet…it actually works! Do what you can, and each week you will be able to do more.

6) I just hate wasting all that time warming up and cooling down
Yeah, me too! This DVD won’t waste your time with that. The warm-ups and cool-downs are only what you need and no more. You might be pleasantly surprised with the short period of time required.

7) I haven’t gotten results when I exercised in the past
There are a ton of exercise routines out there. Rather than attempt to troubleshoot them one by one, the important thing to focus on is a routine which works all 640 muscles in your body and is something which you can do!Back to Basics works the upper body one day, the lower body the next, and you can knock off on the third day. Then it’s back to upper body one day, lower the next, and rest the day after that. If you start on a Monday, that leaves Saturday and Sunday as days of rest. Sunday is an extra rest day which puts you back on the same schedule the next week.

This DVD is the bare bones, no fluff, no nonsense, least amount of time working out. Yet those muscles respond to the simple exercises. They work! Not only do muscles take on tone and definition, but the body becomes more flexible as well.

The DVD is so flexible that an 80 year old can follow it, yet a 20 year old in good shape can still get a heck of a work-out from it. The difference is simply in how far you bend, how many times you do the exercise, and how much muscle you put into it. You decide! As Jack comments with a smile, some of the exercises are real stinkers! But all can be modified as he suggests.

8) I started exercising and I hurt myself

Don’t feel alone, you’re not the only one! Exercises need to be shown with modifications and reminders not to over-exert yourself. The exercises on Back to Basics can be done by nearly anyone. You can follow this DVD and be successful without pushing yourself beyond your limits.

9) There are lots of exercises that I can’t do (because of a bad neck, trick knee, etc.)

Then you’ll probably love the upper body workout — nearly all of it is done while sitting in a chair! Many of the lower body exercises utilize the chair also. Jack warns those who have a bad neck to be careful if they choose to rotate their head in a circle as he is doing. If you have a problem area, and feel that a particular exercise would not be beneficial, skip it! Work the other muscles. You’ll still get wonderful benefits and who knows…if all the other muscles in your body become toned and strong, you may find that you have gained improvement in the problem area as well, as it may become better supported by the other muscles.

10) I’m too pooped to exercise

People are stressed, overworked, and just plain tired. When you first start doing this DVD, you may watch Jack lift his legs up and “bicycle” in the chair and barely be able to lift one leg. No problem. Maybe all you can do is lift one leg, then the other. Forget bicycling–maybe your best effort makes you look like the trained horse who paws his leg to “count” in a magic show. Don’t worry. Just keep at it. After a while muscles you never knew you had start to take heart and they get a little muscle tone. Then they get some more. In a few weeks you’ll notice that you are no longer pawing at the floor-you are “pedaling” even if nearly at floor level. With consistent exercise, even at very low levels, bodies start to change.

For those who want to do a bit more, one can continue an exercise during the time that Jack is talking. He is fairly concise, so if you need more time, you can always pause the DVD and do a few sets of an exercise. The exercises awaken muscles all over the body. All of a sudden, one day you realize that you are sitting up straighter, walking straighter, and feeling better.

Since the two workouts are short ones, even when you are feeling pooped, you can usually make it through 8 minutes, which means you get the benefits. This is a short workout sprinkled with a little humor, some enthusiasm, and genuine caring. Why not make 2008 really great : the year that you got fit!

Do male enhancements pills really work?

I know most of the mainstream doctors look down upon the idea of “herbal pills” to give you the does of extra boost on bed. Dr.LeRoy belongs to the same school of thought. But,is this billion dollar industry all scam or is there more to the story?

First of all,it is not true that none of these supplement pills do double blind study. Some popular ones do have studies behind their claims though the neutrality of those study can be disputed.

One must always rule out psychology aspect of effect on your performance on bed before trying out any pills (over the counter or prescription).

Let me know your thoughts in comment section.





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