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Bathmate Hydromax Review and Results [2020]

Update: They now have Bathmate control cream which can be used to delay ejaculation!

Everywhere you look online, there is one male enlargement device that is being advertised by one company or the other. While some of these products work, the majority of them, sadly, do not work.

And this is why some people who have been victims of such scams do not hesitate to talk bad about male enhancement products and discourage anyone intending to patronize them.

I have fallen victim to fake and ineffective male enhancement products because I did not take the time needed to research the product before parting with my hard-earned money.

It was a bad experience for me, and I want to prevent you from making the same mistake which is why I am committed to writing only about products that work.

I have made use of the much-talked-about Bathmate and today, I will be reviewing this product while stating my experience with it.

What is Bathmate?

Bathmate is a hydro penis pump that makes use of water to increase the size of your penis. It comes in different types so that beginners, intermediate and advanced users will find something that suits them. It is a device meant to help people suffering from getting an erection or maintaining it for some time. And of course, the main reason for this penis pump is to help you increase the size of your penis for maximum sexual satisfaction.

How Bathmate penis pump works


Bathmate is different from the usual penis pumps that make use of air to increase the size of the penis. Just as the name implies, Bathmate is designed to be used in the bath or shower because it requires water to be able to pump your penis.

The water inside the Bathmate cylinder is what creates a vacuum so that the penile tissues inside the penis expand. While using Bathmate, there is an increase in the circulation of blood which leads to a continuous inflating and stretching of the penis to make it look and feel bigger. As the water in the plastic tube or cylinder is expelled, your penis will fill in the gap. And for best result, ensure that the water you use is warm.

The penis increase gotten with Bathmate penis pump lasts for about 4 hours and up to 24 hours for some people. You will notice that even after sexual intercourse, your erection still remains.

Why you should get Bathmate penis pump

It is safe – no one wants to use a product that will end up causing them more harm than good. Because it makes use of water, Bathmate is a much safer option than the conventional penis pumps that make use of air. There is hardly any harm to be gotten when using this device. However, you must stick to the manufacturer’s directive on how to safely use it so that you do not end up with injury.

Results are immediate – it is always encouraging to see the result of your efforts and this is one benefit of using this device because you get to see results after use.

Ease of use – it is so easy to use that a beginner will most likely not encounter any difficulty when using this product for the first time.

Permanent result – with dedication and constant use, you will come to notice that your gains remain even if you have not used the device for some time.

My personal experience/result while using Bathmate penis pump

I combined penis exercise with my Bathmate and the result has been amazing. In fact, I was not expecting to have such result since it was just a penis pump and not a penis extender. How wrong I was. consistent use of Bathmate penis pump saw me starting from 5.2 inches all the way to 7.1 inches in a matter of 18 months. My routine was 6 times in a week.

Like I said, I was combining it with penis exercises like jelqing, but you can still make use of Bathmate alone and achieve the same result. Just that it might take much longer to reach your goal.


You will gain permanent gains with Bathmate penis pump if you are consistent. And after you have reached your desired increase, you will have to make use of it 2 times a week to maintain your gains.